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IN 6 WEEKS She Had the Guts to Lose Hers
Starting Weight: 145
After 6 Weeks: 124 (-21 pounds)
Body-Fat Change: from 35 to 25 percent

When Linda Toomey had her fourth baby, she knew that she had to get the weight off. She was still carrying an extra 20 pounds she'd gained from her third child, and she wanted to act quickly, because she knew the longer she waited, the harder it would be.

In 6 weeks, Toomey dropped 21 pounds and went from 35 percent body fat to 25. And she also went from a size 14 dress to size 6.

At 145 pounds, and with four children under the age of 6, she knew that her own health—and belly—might take a backseat to everything else going on in her life. "I'm the queen of excuses," she says.

Toomey also knew that she needed as much energy as possible— especially considering she wasn't getting a full night's sleep anyway, caring for a newborn. "At night, I expected to be tired," she says. "But I was tired 2 hours after I woke up."

"I tried other diets, but being so crazy and busy, I didn't have a lot of time for exercise or food preparation. I needed something that was easy and fast to prepare," Toomey says.

Her goals: get her body back, have more energy, and strengthen her back to be able to meet the demands of carrying larger-than-average children.
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She found it in The Abs Diet for Women. "It's not really a diet," she says. "It's a lifelong eating plan. I think knowing that you can eat carbs and not resist cravings was one of the key factors. The eating plan was extremely easy to follow, and the whole family could enjoy the meals. I didn't have to prepare different meals for myself."

Toomey also included the 20-minute exercise plan and strengthened her abdominals and lower back to the point where she has no problem lifting her children.

"I'm hoping it motivates a lot of women," Toomey says. "In the past after being pregnant, the waist was extremely hard for me. I may have lost inches from everywhere else in the past, but the waist was my real difficult area. It's amazing how it progressed in a short time."

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